Mike Schaeper Sand & Gravel Robinson


Engineered Foundations

A foundation is the base of the structure that supports the weight of the overall building. The foundation is the primary factor in a structure’s stability. So, it should have an exact and dependable design and construction. Therefore, we use soil mechanics and experience in the design of the foundation components to ensure that the foundation of a structure remains effective for a long period. The building load and the type of underlying soil determine the material and the type of foundation we choose for the intended project.

Soil Replacement foundation

In its natural form, the soil at a construction site might not always be completely adequate for sustaining structures. In this scenario, it is necessary to replace the soil to raise its bearing capacity and lower the anticipated settlement. Our soil replacement services can increase soil bearing capacity and consolidation settlement. We thoroughly examine the required fill volume, location, and cost in addition to the depth of removal. The overall soil profile, the make-up of the fill, and the level of heave that can be tolerated all influence how much soil must be replaced.